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What is BizHacks?

BizHacks is an independent organization that organizes a hackathon oriented around solving real-life business issues and problems. Participants form teams of 5 people and take on an assigned business problem, and the team will have up to 24 hours to create an innovative and technological solution for the task at hand. Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunities to network with delegates and students, learn from experienced mentors, listen to honored guest speakers and pioneer in problem-solving.

But What Else?

Besides organizing an annual hackathon, BizHacks aims to promote further hi-tech creativity and solutions through workshops, company visits, and networking events. Our goal is to prepare young people to take on the ever-changing technological world we now currently live in by stimulating inventive unraveling of the future. We believe it is time to hack your way into the business and to boldly go where one has gone before!

Frequently Asked Questions

A hackathon is an event where teams of 2-5 people collaborate on an application within the specified time limit. Prizes are awarded to the most creative, polished and theme-specific projects. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of top industry professionals.

Teams are usually 4-5 people in size. Don’t worry if you can’t find your team beforehand, staff at the event will help you find other teammates and provide you with many opportunities to find others to help!

Don’t worry! A lot of hackers just like you are in the same position. On the first day of the event, we will make sure to pair everyone up with a team of hackers so no one gets left out! There will also be an opportunity to connect with people and form teams before the event.

No worries! Hackathons are really a place for learning. We’ll have series of workshops to bootstrap you for hacking so you’ll be ready in no time. Mentors will be walking around to help you with any problems you’ll face. By the time you walk out, you’ll have a new skill under your belt!


BizHacks 2018 will be our 3rd year running the hackathon, and we have facilitated and incubated great ideas at our events since 2016. Last year, at BizHacks 2017, participants in over 30 teams were introduced with fifteen different Business prompts to choose from. The prompts ranged from creating an effective logging and GPS system for Translink to tailoring specific advertisement for Snapchat.

One of the top 3 proposals last year sought to resolve one of Best Buy’s prompt: to ensure correct fridge sizes prior to purchase. Team 5, the visionary group behind the proposal, created a digital scanning using the phone camera to measure the exact dimensions of the intended fridge space. Once the dimensions were measured, the scanner would notify the customer if the fridge they are seeking to purchase would fit in the new space. Team 5 was later invited to Best Buy HQ to present their ideas to their Board of Directors.

Our team

Lisa Mah
UBC Chapter
Jessica Chan
SFU Chapter
Kelvin Hsu
Internal Lead
UBC Chapter
Katie Na
Internal Co-ordinator
UBC Chapter
Anne Guo
Logistics Lead
UBC Chapter
Nathan Wong
External Lead
UBC Chapter
Jessica Yang
Marketing Lead
UBC Chapter
Johnny Nguyen
Internal Lead
SFU Chapter
Vivian Tung
Logistics Co-ordinator
SFU Chapter
Victor Wong
Graphic Design Lead
SFU Chapter
Liou Phil
Campus Relations Lead
SFU Chapter
Phuong Huynh
Corporate Relations Lead
SFU Chapter
Jason Chung
Operating Officer
Bizhacks 2016 Co-President
Karan Grover
Technology Officer
Bizhacks 2017 Co-President
Jessica Tsai
Bizhacks 2017 Co-President
Cheryl Khau
Bizhacks 2016 Internal & Logistics Lead
Khanh Nguyen
Hardeep Chaggar
Board Chair

Our Judges

Brendan Toupin
Director of Retail eCommerce - Best Buy
Marius de Beer
Agile Coach - Best Buy
Matt St.John
Head of Digital Intelligence - Best Buy
Selma Zafar
Director, UX & Digital Design - Best Buy
Natalie Moore
Manager, User-Center & Experience Design - Deloitte
Hussein Hallak
General Manager & Head Mentor - Launch Academy
Joel Shinness
Instructor - Lighthouse Labs
Nitin Ghandhi
Manager -
Ahmed Ferdous
Senior Engineering Manager -
Darrell Kopke
Adjunct Professor, Founder and CEO at Ædelhard, Former CEO of Kit and Ace

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