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March 31 – April 1

The Bizhacks2017 Team

We're a friendly bunch.
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Jessica Tsai

Co-President (Internal)
Jessica is a 4th year Supply Chain and Marketing student with a passion for the start-up tech industry. Outside of class, she enjoys small road trips, painting until the sun sets and exploring for more passion-projects.
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Karan Grover

Co-President (External)
Karan is a 2nd year Computer Science student! He loves all things technology and is always looking for the newest stuff to play with. Outside of school, He loves travelling, and attempting to code new things.
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Adrianna Chen

Everything IT
Adrianna is a 4th year BCom student under MIS division. BizHacks is a perfect platform for her to practice knowledge on IT and project management. She is excited to work with the team and meet all the tech savvy folks!
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Annie Law

Everything Marketing
Annie is a passionate BizHacks member pursuing her BCom degree in Marketing. She is eager to equip herself with the up-to-date technology insights and after receiving years of knowledge in business, she would like to give back to BizHacks to make an impact.
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Charlotte Li

Everything Logistics
Charlotte Li is a 4th year commerce student specialising in Accounting. The fun and meaningful experience she got from BizHacks2016 has inspired her to join the team. This year, she aims to expand the event further and create a better experience for all attendees.
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Alice Hsieh

Everything Mini-Event
Alice is a dynamic and self-motivated 2nd year BCom student majoring in business & computer science with problem-solving, detail oriented, and leadership skills. She likes to apply technology in business context and developing opportunities for growth.
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Vincy Wang

Everything Corporate Relations
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Akash Sharma

Everything Corporate Relations
Akash is a 2nd year Biology student! He is passionate about seeing ideas and startups become realities. It ‘s what drives him. Other hobbies of his are weightlifting, travelling and raising his two german shepherds.
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Alicia Tang

Everything Finance
Alicia is a 3rd year student with combined major in computer science and statistics. I like trying new stuff and embracing challenges! I hope students can get a chance to experience different thinking style of business and technology through BizHacks.
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Lily Ding

Everything University Relations
A responsible, open-minded and goal-oriented 3rd year Accounting student with proven communication, teamwork and time management skills. With the long term goal to earn CPA designation, Lily is also interested in playing piano and practicing yoga.
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Ansel Hartanto

Everything Student Relations
BizHacks is an exciting frontier because it really highlights the power of teamwork both from a technical and communications standpoint. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be challenging, that’s what it’s all about!
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Everything Coaching
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Jason Chung

Angel Advisor
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Khanh Nguyen

Angel Advisor
Khanh is the Co-Founder of BizHacks and a Sauder BCom graduate with specialisation in Finance. Khanh is currently at BuildDirect Technologies, and has worked in various industries, including higher education, event planning, public health, and healthcare transformation.

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