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BizHacks is an independent organization that organizes a hackathon oriented around solving real-life business issues and problems. Participants form teams of 5 people and take on an assigned business problem, and the team will have up to 24 hours to create an innovative and technological solution for the task at hand. Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunities to network with delegates and students, learn from experienced mentors, listen to honored guest speakers and pioneer in problem-solving.

Our goal

Bring together technically skilled programmers and aspiring business leaders to create innovative products and solutions to tackle business problems in the real world.

Student-oriented events

An interdisciplinary event organized by students for students. BizHacks executives, learn how to manage a team, fundraise and plan a complex and large-scale event that empowers their fellow students.

Unique learning experience

The hackathon is a packed learning experience: the participating team will quickly transform a product idea into a final product, present and sell their product prototype to the uninitiated audience.

Engaging sustainable research

Here at BizHacks, we look into the inefficiency in companies, systems, markets and let the young generations develop the solutions from their fresh viewing points with the help from experts.

Cross-faculty collaboration

We target BUSINESS student who can bring in their team-building and business market analytics skills and COMPSCI student who has interest in bringing their tech product to the real life market.

Professional development

We help students build up their resumes and keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies and tech career opportunities.
Many of our community partners attend with the sole intent of recruiting new talent from the eclectic participant pool.


A hackathon is an event where teams of 2-5 people collaborate on an application within the specified time limit. Prizes are awarded to the most creative, polished and theme-specific projects. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of top industry professionals.

Most Hackathons involves the individual or team to self direct and self create a project. In BizHacks, you are tasked to use your Hackathon skills to creatively  solve a real-life business challenge.

Teams are usually 4-5 people in size. Ideally, at least  two technical students and one business student.Don’t worry if you can’t find your team beforehand, staff at the event will help you find other teammates and provide you with many opportunities to find others to help!

No worries! Hackathons are really a place for learning. We’ll have series of workshops to bootstrap you for hacking so you’ll be ready in no time. Mentors will be walking around to help you with any problems you’ll face. By the time you walk out, you’ll have a new skill under your belt!

No problem! A lot of hackers just like you are in the same position. Before the event, we will make sure to pair everyone up with a team of hackers so no one gets left out! There will also be an opportunity to connect with people and form teams before the event.

You can find the link to register as a participate and buy your ticket through our Facebook event page.





"From ideating and working together to solve a problem, I was able to hone my skills in communicating to both the business people as well as the technical people! I highly recommend everyone try this hackathon and I'm sure that the next one will be even better!"
Claire Song
"BizHacks represents the world I want to live in. Young, intelligent and energetic students learning while working on real-world business problems, side-by-side with experienced professionals."
Marius de Beer
Mentor - BestBuy
"We were lucky enough to host ... BizHacks event here at UBC Sauder School of Business. The BizHacks team is working hard bridge the gap between business and technology to solve real-world business problems. They had students participate from across UBC and partner institutions."
Laine McDonald
BCC Sauder School of Business

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